Miki & Cherry Jul

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Whats up Guys, its Cherry, Mikis girlfriend, when we were out with George I wrote down a phone number for a flat I saw for rent. I called and made an appointment to see it and the man said we could today. Miki and I got all dolled up to go check this place out, we donâ??t have that much money so I hope itâ??s not too much. Well the flat was really nice, but like I thought it was a bit out of range and the man started getting upset when we told him that we couldnâ??t pay so Miki and I did what we could to make the best of the situation and calm him down. Miki and I started touching and rubbing his arms and legs then we began stroking his rapid growing cock. I stood up and Franco unfastened my top and then pulled Mikiâ??s top totally off. Miki and I took off our bras and Franco started kissing and sucking on our tits. He started kissing Miki and then he kissed me then he turned us around and started rubbing and squeezing our asses. I took off my skirt and Franco helped Miki get out of hers then he started kissing us, I reached down and started grabbing at his cock then I pulled down his pants kneeled down and started sucking him off. Miki came down to join in on the fun and we licked and sucked his thick black cock and cum brewing balls then Franco held our heads and one by one fucked both our mouths. Franco pushed us back on the bed and took off our panties then he started licking my pussy and Miki started rubbing and playing with my tits. Franco stood up and took Miki along with him then he lifted her leg and slid his cock straight up in her pussy and started sliding it in and out. I spread her ass and started licking it and her hole then sucking Francoâ??s slick cock when he pulled it from her horny twat, I stuffed his cock back in her pink hole and started playing with her ass hole rubbing my finger all around while waiting for my next round of cock still marinating in her puss. I jerked and slurped up and down on his hard candied cock then stuck it back in her pussy for another round. I teased and toyed with Mikiâ??s ass hole as Franco fucked her cunt hard and strong then sucking his cock as soon as he pulled out. Franco laid down and I squatted down on top with my ass facing him and slid his thick cock in my eager twat, he started fucking my snatch with long fast strokes while Miki was on her knees straddling his face. Franco reached up and started playing with my tit as he slid his big black cock in and out of my pussy then Miki came over and sucked his cock fresh from my puss licking and slurping as nasty as she could. Franco held my leg up high and Miki stuffed his cock in my cunt then she sat on her knees just to the side playing with her tits and pussy then licking my nipples while waiting for her next PTM. Franco rammed his cock in my pussy hard and strong and I bounced up and down driving him deeper inside as Miki played with my tits and teased my nipples. I got up and Miki wrapped her lips around his hard throbbing cock, bobbing her head up and down over and over again. I got into Doggy with my ass high in the sky and started sucking on his cock as Miki licked him up. Miki got on top of Franco face to face then slipped his cock back in her pussy, Franco started fucking her cunt hard and strong then he spread and started slapping her ass, I went and sat right above his face and he licked my happy snatch from the bottom up and sucked on my swollen clit. Franco held Miki close to his body by her waist driving his cock deep in her pussy with long and hard stokes then she started bouncing up and down on his cock driving him in even deeper still. Miki got up and got on all fours then she started sucking Francos cock and I was right behind licking and sucking his cock from top to bottom and then back up, making sure not to miss one single spot. Franco got up and stuffed his slick cock in Mikis pussy from behind and I laid down and Miki started licking my twat, flicking her tongue and sucking on my happy clit. Franco started stabbing at Mikis pussy with his cock then he went back to fucking her cunt but this time ball deep. He slid he shinny black cock from her wet cunt and came and shoved it in mine, sliding it in and out as hard as he could before pulling it out and sticking it in Mikis waiting mouth. Miki stuffed Francos cock back in my twat and he started sliding it in and out as he licked and sucked my toes, Miki started rubbing my leg and sucking on my tit and just waiting for next cock sucking chance. Franco shoved his thick meaty cock back in my hole and Miki started fingering my clit then he lowered my leg and rolled me over on my side and fucking me hard and fast before pulling out and giving his cock to Miki to suck. Franco laid down and Miki got back on top squatting down on his cock slipping it up in her ass. I started licking and kissing her tits and nipples then rubbing her cunt ass Franco fucked her ass. Franco pulled his cock from her ass then stuck it in my mouth for a rinse. Franco held Mikis legs up and spread nasty wide as I sucked and stroked him off then I stuffed his hard thick cock back in her tiny ass hole and she started bouncing up and down. I got up on my knees and started rubbing both our cunts then Miki put her feet upon Francos legs and he started digging up in her ass really deep. I pulled Francos cock from Mikis ass and stuck it in my mouth, sucking and stroking it up and down then Miki stuck it back in her horny ass. Franco went right back to digging his cock in her ass hard and deep and I rubbed her twat then started to lick it from the bottom up, I saw her cunt was dripping so I wanted to taste it. I came up from licking Mikis sweet twat and started kissing heron her mouth and lips, she got up sliding Francos thick chocolate cock from her ass and I went right to sucking it before she could get a chance. She came over and joined me like I knew she would then we took turns licking, jerking, and slurping his sloppy thick cock up and down. Franco got up and laid Miki on her back then he opened her legs her wide and slid his cock back in her ass and I started playing with her tits and nipples, watching them swell on I licked and sucked them. Franco went to stabbing his long hard cock in her ass then he push down on her hips and really started fucking her hard then he gaped her ass wide open and stuck his cock in my mouth to suck. Miki spread her ass and rubbed her horny twat as I was spitting and slobbering all over Francos hard thick cock then I stuffed it back in Mikis ass and he dug right back in like he never stopped. Miki got up and I jumped on top sticking his cock in my ass and then leaned back towards him so he could get depth. Miki sat just to the side and started rubbing my pussy up and down then she licked her fingers and started rubbing my clit and licking and sucking my nipples. Franco held me by my waist and started rubbing my clit as Miki had grabbed his cock and was sticking and pulling it in and out of my ass. Miki started licking my pussy and Franco rocked me back sliding his cock from my ass for Miki to suck. Miki sucked Franco off and got him all slicked and slobbered back up then I grabbed his cock and stuck it back in my ass, I put my feet up on his legs and Miki rubbed my clits and tits as Franco held me tight and fucked me strong driving his long hard cock straight up in my ass. He slid his cock from my dark hole and Miki slipped it right in her mouth then I went and joined her to get myself a taste. Franco got up and I got into Doggy with Miki lying right in front of me. Franco stuffed his hard throbbing cock in my ass and I started licking Mikis twat. Franco pulled his cock from my ass gaping it wide open then stuffed his cock right back in, stabbing his cock in my holes going back and forth between fucking my tight ass and my wet puss as I licked Mikis snatch and she plays with her tits. Franco slid his cock from my sloppy cunt and I sat up and slipped him in my mouth, sucking and slobbering from above as Miki licked and sucked his balls from just below. Then the pop-shot, Mmmmm, all over us!

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